Can students learn more information quickly with the help of new technologies?

With the help of technology, students nowadays can learn more information and learn it more quickly. In my view, I disagree with the statement because of one point-surreal, though it is very convenient and fast.  

By overlooking the society, more and more novel science and technology emerge, so grasping information is making a few progresses. In these years, Internet blooms like mushrooms, so that many people begin to scout for information on the Cyber world, especially X-generations. In these youths` points of view, little time-consuming and energy-saving are their priority. For example, my schoolmates always stroll around on the Net for something-report. As soon as finishing their papers assigned, time leaving for fooling around, and plagiarizing is the only way. Of course, they are able to capture tons of information and data on the Cyber world, putting them into contents of papers, handing in them to their professors on time.  

On the surface, it is a good way to seize news on the Net, learning information easily. One side effect, however, gradually erodes their minds and souls. It is idleness that discourages their interest in books or newspapers. Frankly speaking, we may learn real knowledge from abundant books and newspapers, instead of Internet. However, as the rapid growth of technology, fewer people have the habit of searching for information in volumes.  

There is no doubt that ambling on the Net is funny and interesting. In addition to hunting, downloading what you want is addictive. I have to confess that I also enjoy looking for something on the Cyber world. In my opinion, however, receiving knowledge from newspapers as well as magazines is always better than searching for pieces of news on the Net.