Is progress always good?

I believe that progress brings both good and bad but it is inevitable and we have to do our best to decrease its bad consequences and increase the good ones. The inclination to progress is one of the properties of humankind. It is acquired during the evolution from animals to human beings. We can observe both tendencies by reading the history of progress. The fields of agriculture, and industry might provide a spectacular example, too. Our generation should take lessons from history and enforce the favorable parts of the tendency. The early history of humanity is the history of struggling for survival and the history of the birth of progress on the human genetic level. Using the simplest weapon, like stick, to defeat more powerful beasts and survive was the naissance of progress in technique, while gathering in groups for the same purpose presents example of social progress. The human`s existence in the wild nature caused its genetic inclination to progress.  

In the contemporary conditions of many nations, agriculture is the field, in which people struggle against hunger and for life. We see that the progress in chemistry increases crop yield but engenders health problems. Thus, scientists try to avoid chemical poisoning and develop natural means to increase harvest. Modern industry shows one more aspect of contradiction in progress. We could not enjoy television and cars, Internet and clothe washers without industry`s achievements but extensive industry, also, produces a vast pollution. So, states and companies should more and more invest in clean technologies.  

So, progress is proper to humankind, and it is a controversial process, which contains favorable and unfavorable manifestations. Society has to control it and prevent bad consequences.