Which transportation vehicles has changed people`s lives?

Nowadays, many forms of transportations, such as airplanes, bicycles and automobiles, have been introduced into the society. Though people`s views vary from each other, I believe that it is the automobiles that changed people`s lives. Because automobiles could give people more convenience, save everyone`s time and increase the efficiency of the world.  

Automobiles have given many freedoms to ordinary people. For the working people, the car enabled them to work in the city and live in suburban areas many miles away. Admittedly, commuting is commonly believed uncomfortable. However, as the land in the city is expensive, a comfortable big house in the suburbs is more preferable than a small apartment in most people`s opinions. Without automobiles, they would not have this opportunity. 

 Automobiles give people great convenience, too. Although public transportations are cheap, they cannot always follow the lines in our mind. It means that we will spend more time on traveling than really need. I once go to a university to do something urgent so I went there by taxi. It cost me only 20 minutes. But when I got back by a train and a bus, the journey cost me almost an hour. “Time is money. ” The automobiles have given a great many conveniences to today`s world. Of course, we had better take a plane for a very long journey, but the automobiles are more accessible for ordinary people in daily lives.  

To sum up, the automobiles have greatly changed our world and I believe that they have contributed much to improve people`s living standard.