Should business hire employees for their entire lives?

Some people believe that if employees were hired for their entire life, it would provide businesses with excellent, experienced and highly knowledgeable specialists. However, after careful thought, I tend to disagree with this idea. I am sure this practice will have the adverse effect on the employees` performance and career options for many people.  

First of all, it will eliminate the competitive element, which whips up many people to improve their professional performance. Since everyone would be hired for the entire life, there would be no need to make sure you keep you job, or to strive to get promoted.  

At the same time, it would be almost impossible to change your job, if you are not satisfied with your present one, or if you feel your present career does not suit you.  

Personally, I find this prospect scary, because it often takes years and various experiences to finally find your professional niche: the job with provides you with the fulfillment and good feedback.  

Finally, it will make the employment process abnormally important. It will determine the whole life of a person, which can result in widespread corruption. Recruitment managers will enjoy excessive power-the temptation too hard to resist, so their decision may not serve the businesses` interests.  

To sum up, I believe that hiring employees for their entire lives is not a reasonable idea. This practice can deprive people the career options throughout their lives, will eliminate the drive for workers to get better and can create excessive corruption.