Does luck has anything to do with success?

Someone says: when people succeed, it is because of hard work. Luck has nothing to do with success. In my opinion, I agree that success need hard work, but sometimes luck is important too.  

As the old saying: no pains, no gains. Success mainly depends on hard work. When we talk about some famous people, we all think they are respectable, because we know, at the back of their success; there is how much hard work. For example, Tomas Addison, one of the most famous inventors in last century, spent most of his time in his lab. He often loses in his work and forgets his family and even sleeping or eating. But people all of the world respect him and remember he for ever, his endeavor bring people a lot of happiness and convenience. If Addison just sits in his home waiting for luck or magic, never will he succeed.  

Albert Einstein has said that the genius is 99 percent sweeter plus 1 percent luck. Although luck is secondary, we cannot omit it. In fact, in some extent, luck also plays an important role. Each people must have heard the story of an apple and Newton, the apple is Newton`s luck, it`s the God`s gift. Without that apple, may be Newton must spend more time to think and think. May be in our life, people have this kind of experience. For example, when you are working on a mathematics problem, you try and try but cannot get the answer. May be suddenly sometimes, you will think of something or find way, “aha”, the problem is solved.  

Any opinion of only emphasizing on hard work or luck is impartial. Hard work is main factor; luck can accelerate one`s success. So both hard work and luck are important.