Living in a small town vs. a big city

It has long been a controversy among people that living in a small town or in a big city is more preferable. While some people claim that living in such big cities as capital or any other great city can result in more comfortable, others feel that residence in the smaller town cannot merely give them peaceful lives but also make them healthier than people living in a big city. In my opinion, I have prejudice for residence in a small town due to some reasons.  

Although town-dwellers can survive considerably more convenient than those who live in the country side having many facilities and amenities for them, they must confront with much pollution in their hometown. That tiny particles from big industries and toxic gases from million cars tend to increase more and more are used to characterize the town nowadays.  

On the contrary, lacking in advance technologies makes rural life happy and peaceful. Rural-dweller can enjoy living in real nature. They can waste just a little time to go to work, unlike town-dwellers who have much trouble with traffic jam and also they can spend times they left during the day to do more enjoyable and funnier activities such as exercise, shopping or playing game with their children. Moreover, people who live in the country side are likely to have longer longevity and healthier than those who inhabit in the town. High technologies can harm and cause so serious health problems to the people who are denizen of the town.  

In conclusion, I would rather live in the small country than in the big city. Even though, the comfort ability in the town appeals many people, I prefer to spend my life simply and happily.