Has TV distroyed communication among friends and family?

Through the years, television has become increasingly important in our lives, so some people hold the opinion that television has destroyed communication with each other, but others have a negative attitude. As far as I am concerned, I deem television can build up rather than destroy our friendly relations.  

The main reason for my propensity for my favor on television is that it can make us realize and adapt to the needs of society. Most people live in their individual circles all day. How is a person conscious of what happened in the world? I can say television is the best implement, because of its faster transmission speed than newspapers, more visual effect than radios, more economical consumption than network. Moreover, the knowledge acquired from television also benefits the association with each other. For example, by watching an interview program, we can learn the way of getting along with people from a successful personage.  

In addition, watching television makes us have time or chances to accompany our family. If we went out to play or have social intercourse after work, there would be little time to keep with them. Contrarily, we can chat with parents, children or the lover, and share our troubles and joys as we watch programs together to relax, which can effectively promote the family relationship.  

Admittedly, some people are destroying themselves by watching television so much, which may cut them off from the real world little by little. After all, what television gives us are second-hand experiences, so we should go out into the world along with watching television in an appropriate degree, and spend a holiday with the family once in a while by the sea or in the mountains, far away from civilization.  

All in all, it is not easy to take a clear-cut position on such a controversial issue. But taking into account of all the factors that I have discussed in the above analysis, I believe that watching television benefits the communication with each other.