Should a factory be built in your community?

Nowadays, some people may hold the opinion that a factory should not be built near a community, but others have a negative attitude. As far as I concerned, I deem that the benefits far exceeds its disadvantages. My arguments for this point are listed as follows.  

The main advantage of building a factory is that it can make the local area more prosperous by increasing revenue, developing markets and keeping competition, and sometimes it can help economically underdeveloped areas throw off poverty and set out on a road to prosperity. A good case in point is that Zibo, a small village before, built its first factory of colored glaze fifteen years ago. From then on, many factories were erected one after another, whose competition impacted on the transformation from an inward-looking economy to a more market-oriented economy. Now, the first factory probably has gone bankrupt, but Zibo became a big city with moderate prosperity. 

In addition, building factories is an effective measure to resolve the problem about the pressure of employment. With the increasing number of laid-off workers, employment is being regarded as the primary problem of national economic policy. It is reported that officially registered urban unemployment in China was 3. 1 percent or about 5. 8 million people in 1999, and the number was up to 9. 2 million in 2000. This trend suggests that unemployment is a more serious problem than inflation. However, building a new factory, especially a labor-intensive factory, can increase domestic demand and benefit mitigation of employment pressure.  

Admittedly, pollution such as the noise, industrial sewage and effluent gas, may be caused by a factory, which can make negative influence of the normal life and health of the neighborhood. But not all the factories will do that, and with practical applications of the production technology, pollution caused by factories can be avoided.  

All in all, it is not easy to take a clear-cut position on such a controversial issue. But taking into account of all the factors that I have discussed in the above analysis, I believe that building a factory near a community is advisable.