BT Arise II - шаблон joomla Продвижение

Preposition: Toward

1. Toward means in the direction of a place.       

Pattern 1: verb + toward + noun
She ran toward the playground to see her friends.
Let's head toward the park.

Typical verbs:
blow, fly, go, head, hike, look, march, move, point, run, sail, turn, walk 

Pattern 2: verb + noun + toward + noun

He guided us toward the cave.
They directed the girls toward the path.

Typical verbs:
direct, guide, lead, push, pull, shove, throw                

2. Toward indicates attitude about something.

Pattern 1: be + adjective + toward + noun
She is very affectionate toward her parents.
They have been cool toward his proposals.

Typical adjectives:
affectionate, charitable, considerate, cool, friendly, gracious, hospitable, inhospitable, menacing, spiteful, warm

Pattern 2: noun + toward + noun
His feelings toward her have not changed.

Typical nouns before toward:
attitude, behavior, conduct, demeanor, feelings          

3. Toward indicates the direction of action.

 Pattern: verb + toward + noun
They are heading toward an agreement.
We worked toward a happy conclusion for everyone.

Typical nouns after toward:
agreement, argument, conclusion, ending, goal, vote             

Typical verbs:
head, lean, push, take steps, work                   

4. Toward indicates the object of a contribution or partial payment.                                                                                          

 Pattern: verb + toward + noun
The money will go toward helping the family.
She contributes toward his monthly expenses.

Typical verbs:
contribute, donate, give, go, help