Preposition: Along

1. Along means following the boundary of something.   

Pattern: verb + along + noun
We walked along the water's edge at the beach last night.

Typical verbs before along:
jog, stroll, run, walk

2. Along with means together.             

Pattern: verb + along with + noun
He used to sing along with me.

Typical verbs used before along with:
hum, play, run, sing, walk, work         

3 Expressions             

all along (adverb)—the whole past time
They have been enemies all along.                 

4. Phrasal verbs                    

get along (intransitive)—live together in harmony
She and her old roommate didn't get along.                

get along with (nonseparable)—to live in harmony with someone
I hope she gets along with her new roommate.