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The Feeling

Why do I always feel this way?
I feel so lonely because you’re so far away.
This feeling stays everyday,
I can always see your face every time I lay.

Oh, please tell me why;
You make me feel like I can fly?
Every time I see you pass by,
‘Cause I really don’t know why.

I hope someday you’ll notice me;
And someday it’s gonna be me you’ll see;
That you can look at me closely;
And feel that I love you so dearly.

I always see you smiling;
I guess that’s the one that gives me the feeling.
The feeling that it’s you that forever I’ll be loving;
Oh, it makes me feel like I’m really flying.

I don’t want to be the one to tell you;
Because there’s nothing else I can do;
You’re not giving me any clue;
That you’re feeling that my love
for you is true.

No, I will never forget,
The day the two of us met;
The day that I didn’t regret,
When my heart zoomed like a jet.

By: Mira Therese Salamat