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A Kiss from Heaven

As I sit here staring into the mid-night sky
I wonder how without you in my life I got by.
The love I feel for you came so quick, but is so strong
I wanted this moment for so long.

I yern for the touch of your hand and the warmth of your kiss,
The light in your eyes is my heavenly bliss.
You truly are a dream come true,
God it’s so hard not to love you.

I miss you the moment that you leave,
My life without you in it, I can not conceive.
In your hand, I give you the love of my heart,
I pray to the heavens each day that we never part.

I need your love to survive,
Before you, I never felt so alive.
Oh lord, I hope her love is here to stay.
For if it leaves, I shall surely die that day.


by Trieu Ho
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