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I Never Knew Love Like This Before...

I never knew love like this before...
the love of a friend who has touched
my soul so deeply
I never knew I could miss someone so
much when they were gone
your warmth, your smile, your hug...
the touch of your hand
I ache to see you again

When you look at me it's as if I can see
into your soul...
which is mine because we share it together
Your eyes are oceans of emotion
Your heart is full of love
Your voice can bring a smile to my face in
an instant

I never knew love like this before...
I do not feel worthy of the love you give to me
but I would not give it up for anything in the world
You are the most true and honest person I know
You give me strength when I need it the most
and you stand beside me through it all

I never knew love like this before...
and I know I never will again
You are the ultimate my soul...
my one true friend.

I love you!