Friends Till the End

We've been together since grammar school,
I still remember the first time I smiled
at you on the class.
At that point in time I already knew
That our friendship will last.

We stand by each other through thick and thin,
I can't forget how you cried on my
shoulder when your mom died.
I have always been here for you
Through your triumph and most
especially when you're blue.

Thank you, too, for bearing with me,
All those burdens on my shoulders.
Thanks for everything, my dear friend,
I can never forget you until the end.

It's just so sad that our graduation comes near,
And I can't help myself from shedding a tear.
It seems terrible not to have you here
I feel so helpless having this fear.

But I know now that you're already happy,
'Coz you're finally with your mom.
Wherever you are now I know you can hear me.
Happy Graduation, my friend, I wish you are here.