I Hope

My friend, my pal through good times and bad,
We witnessed a lot of things, being happy and sad.

It's been three year since the beginning or start,
If it's ok with you, I hope we never part.

Guys will come and go, but hopefully our friendship will stay,
Unlike old friends and problems, it will never stray.

I just hope you will never give up and leave me,
you have always veen there, the best you will always be.

When I think of life without your face,
I wonder what I'd ever do to replace.

I try my best to help you through,
I try to show how much I really care about you.

But right now I hope you get the message,
From now on our friendship has no passage.

Whether you like it or not, I will always be here,
to remember, to dream, to shed a tear.

So whenever you are down, or feeling any sorrow,
Remember I am here to talk. There will always be tomorrow.