Friendship Is Like A Rose

A flower is but a flower
But a rose is a rose
Fragile and beautiful upon it's stems
Like the friendship that we hold

Being a part of anothers life
Sharing what is in the heart
Never to be judged or critisied
Concerned for feelings from the start

A friend offers words of wisdom
If ever the need may arise
When in doubt and no-way out
They'll be right at your side

A friend can hold a secret
And never will they be untrue
They hold your heart deep inside
Because they are devoted to you

A friend can bring you smiles
Even when things seem so blue
Just able to recognize your feelings
By things you say or do

Distance has no meaning at all
In the heart you are placed
You have proven loyal and true
A friendship not to be erased

Having a true friend like this
Is a great honor to bestow
Friendship is a precious gift
Friendship is as precious as the rose