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Separable or non-separable verbs

Phrasal verbs are either separable or non-separable. Unfortunately, there is no rule that will help you to look at a phrasal verb and always know whether it is separable or non-separable

Separable phrasal verbs:

Separable phrasal verbs can be separated by their object. When the object is a noun, it allows the object is placed between and the preposition or placed after the preposition. Both sentences below are correct:

I took my shoes off

I took off my shoes

However, when a pronoun is used instead of a noun, the pronoun must be placed between the verb and the preposition

I took them off

I took off them

But in one type of sentence, separable phrasal verbs must be separated- when the phrasal verb has two objects

She put a blanket on

She put on a blanket

She put a blanket on the bed

She put on a blanket the bed

Non-separable phrasal verbs:

Non-separable phrasal verbs can’t be separated by their object:

He ran into a tree.

He ran a tree into.