Phrasal verb: TO HAVE


1.   To have in:

_ To invite someone home:

Ex: We’re having some friends in tonight.

_ To store:                         

Ex: We’re having some more in soon.

2.   To have on:

_ To tease:                      

Ex: Don’t be cross. I’m only having you on.

_ To put on:                    

Ex: She put on a purple dress.

_ To be busy:                  

Ex: I have nothing special on tonight.

To have someone round:

_ To invite someone home:          

Ex: We often have friends round on Saturday evenings.

4.   To have someone back:

_ To accept again:            

Ex: He refused to have me back.

_ To meet:                      

Ex: We went there last, so we must have them back.

5.   To have someone up:

_ To accuse:                    

Ex: He stole my watch, so I had him up.

6.   To have someone down:

_ To invite someone from city to country for a trip:                                                                     

Ex: My relations at Ben Tre often have me down for a weekend.

7.   To have someone out:

_ To treat:                                                                                                         

Ex: I can’t manage a dinner here, dear; you’d better have your friends out.