How To Take a Blank Fill Listening Exam

ImageMany exams ask you to fill in blanks with missing information taken from a listening comprehension. Sometimes, you will need to write missing words. At other times, an approximate answer is fine.

Here's How:

  1. Read through the questions and/or text before the exercise begins. This point is very important! Reading through the questions will help prepare you.
  2. Most listening examples will be played twice (sometimes more). On the first listening, fill in only the blanks that you immediately understand.
  1. Make sure to concentrate on the entire listening the first time. Do not write an answer in the blank if it is going to keep you from paying attention to the listening.
  2. Complete the answers on the second listening. If you have understood the general meaning on the first time through, you will have ample time to fill in the blanks on the second time through.
  3. If any time is given to you afterwards, check your answers for accuracy.


  1. Do not stop listening to write in an answer.
  2. Write in answers you understand on the first listening only if you are sure of what you have heard.
  3. Trust your intuition. If you are sure you are right, don't think about other possibilities.