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Where do IELTS Academic visitors come from?

The world map above gives a breakdown by country of visits to in June 2012. By far the largest group of users comes from South Asia, with 3,124 from India and 1,885 from Pakistan over this one-month period.

Next is the South-East Asian region, with a surprisingly high number of users in Vietnam (1,155) followed by the Philippines (667), Malaysia (317) and Thailand (235).

The third-largest region consists of English-speaking destination countries where a lot of IELTS test-takers are already studying. There were 782 visitors from the United Kingdom in June 2012, followed by 622 from Australia and just 429 from the USA, where TOEFL is still the most popular test of English.

Perhaps the real surprise is the relatively tiny number of users in China (13), suggesting that authorities there do not want students to benefit from free IELTS advice! Hopefully, this situation is set to change in future.

(150 words, IELTS 7.5)