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IELTS Letter, topic: Leaving your current employment

You have decided to leave your current employment. Write a letter to your employer. Include the following in your letter:

- Explain why you are writing
- Explain why you have decided to leave the company
- Tell your employer what you plan to do after leaving your present employment

Dear {tooltip}Human Resource{end-link}Sir or Madam{end-tooltip},

I am writing this letter in {tooltip}regards of{end-link}regard to{end-tooltip} terminating my contract with the organization as a Guest Service Agent. The employment contract {tooltip}has stated{end-link}states{end-tooltip} a requirement of two weeks’ notice. Therefore, my last day of employment will be on 25th of May 2012.

The decision {tooltip}made was{end-link}was made{end-tooltip} due to personal reasons, as my family and I will be migrating to Singapore. Recently my husband has been offered a managerial position in a {tooltip}five star{end-link}five-star{end-tooltip} hotel, which we thought would be a better prospect for his career.

Once my family and I have settled down in Singapore, I plan to look for a “work at home” job. This {tooltip}allows{end-link}would allow{end-tooltip} me to have flexibility with my time and would be able to take care of my children too. Leaving the company is a great loss for me as I have learnt a lot and was given opportunities to grow.

Finally, I would like to thank you for the guidance provided during the period of my employment.

Yours sincerely,


This letter covers the requirements of the task, all the bullet points are addressed sufficiently. The information and ideas are presented logically, and the paragraphing is appropriate. Although there are some instances of poor word choice and grammar, most of the sentences are error-free. Overall, seems worthy of Band 8.