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IELTS Essay, topic: University money better spent on libraries or sports

Universities should allocate the same amount of money to their sport activities as they allocate to their libraries. Do you agree or disagree?

Yes, I do feel that universities should have an equal budget for their libraries as well as {tooltip}_{end-link}for{end-tooltip} sport activities. It is our general belief that a good player can not be {tooltip}_{end-link}"a" is missing here{end-tooltip} good student and hence we restrict our children’s sport activities at college level. Moreover, an academic degree has much more value than sport activities which naturally compels students to focus more on their studies than their interest in sport.

Most of the universities keep sports at {tooltip}last number{end-link}the bottom{end-tooltip} of their priority list, {tooltip}because of which{end-link}therefore{end-tooltip} good players do not get enough facilities and {tooltip}equipments{end-link}equipment, because it is  an uncountable noun{end-tooltip} to improve their skills and eventually they {tooltip}loose{end-link}lose{end-tooltip} their interest.Universities can play {tooltip}_{end-link}"a" is missing here{end-tooltip} substantial role in shaping this upcoming talent by providing good trainers and {tooltip}equipments{end-link}equipment, because it is  an uncountable noun{end-tooltip} which is otherwise too expensive to afford. Also it will attract other students {tooltip}towards{end-link}to{end-tooltip} sports and inculcate importance of physical fitness in them.

Universities should produce {tooltip}genious{end-link}geniuses{end-tooltip} in all fields rather than only concentrating on progress of scholars. Hence, I feel that universities should allot equal amounts of money to {tooltip}liabrary{end-link}libraries{end-tooltip} as well as sport activities.

Your essay too short, the introduction is good, as is the first paragraph but you must offer more arguments regarding why you agree or disagree. There are many spelling, punctuation and article errors. The essay is easy to follow but has the appearance of the writer running short of time.