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IELTS Essay, topic: Education with or without a teacher

Some people think that they can learn better by themselves than with a teacher. Others think that it is always better to have a teacher. Which do you prefer? Use specific reasons to develop your essay.

It is certainly said that learning is an ongoing process .Every person {tooltip}learn{end-link}learns{end-tooltip} something new {tooltip}according to{end-link}depending on{end-tooltip} their age, experience, knowledge and education. According to my point of view it is always better to have _teacher or guide for study.

One teacher has adequate knowledge to teach their student. {tooltip}He{end-link}or she{end-tooltip} knows {tooltip}all the possible{end-link}better say "many possible", don't be too assertive{end-tooltip} ways to make subject easier for the students, moreover, he teaches them in an effective manner. For example, some students are weak in some subjects but a teacher {tooltip}always guides{end-link}another definitive statement, try to avoid them{end-tooltip} them according to their mental capacity. {tooltip}He teaches them as fun{end-link}A better way is to say "His way of teaching is fun"{end-tooltip}. Some people can learn better in {tooltip}group by discuss{end-link}a group by discussing{end-tooltip} the topics with others. In class people can {tooltip}know{end-link}learn about{end-tooltip} the views of others, {tooltip}even they know how we can learn effectively{end-link}confusing expression{end-tooltip}. {tooltip}Where the teacher always gives an easy direction to learn{end-link}Yet another confusing sentence{end-tooltip}.

In the today’s competitive world, everybody is busy, some people think that {tooltip}rather to waste{end-link}instead of wasting{end-tooltip} their time {tooltip}to go for{end-link}going to{end-tooltip} classes they can learn better their subject {tooltip}_{end-link}alone{end-tooltip}. They can attend online classes by using the Internet at home. They can get relevant information from the Internet regarding their topic. There is {tooltip}not{end-link}no{end-tooltip} specific time or age limit to learn something new. Some new things we can only learn from experience – for example new facts, new habits and so on.

{tooltip}In sum up{end-link}To sum up{end-tooltip}, I would like to say that it is always better for the people to have a teacher because a teacher has good knowledge, experience and is educated how to teach others. People will learn from a teacher in an easier way rather than on their own.

Where are the paragraphs in this essay? You must be very careful using definitive words such as ‘always’ and making statements about facts. The essay is for you to provide an opinion and to provide supporting arguments. Also, the other side of the argument about teachers that have limited knowledge or people that learn better on their own is not presented here.