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Songs, symbols and lyrics

Patricia Spindola Goncalves, Brazil

I am an English teacher in Brazil and I really enjoyed finding this site because it has helped me by giving me tools to use while teaching, such as activities, games and useful tips. I would like to write about an activity I use with my students which I consider very good and unusual. Once my best friend told me she had done it at school and I liked the idea.

It consists of writing the lyrics of a song or even a story using some symbols instead of some words. For example, there is a song that says: "He was warm, he came around like he was dignified..." Instead of "warm", you write "cool" and cross it out so that the students will understand it is something different from that or the opposite. Instead of "around" you write "a+" and draw a circle, instead of dignified, you draw a man digging + a leg (circling the knee) + fied. I know it's a little complicated and it requires manual abilities for drawing (something I love to do), but it's very interesting and the students have a good time trying to figure out what the drawings and symbols mean. They listen to check their ideas and get the correct answers.

After the activity, they can sing the song together and I also ask for them to write their own puzzles and the others try to figure out what they mean.