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Election Manifesto

For intermediate level and up

Activity A

It is election time again, and this time the students have to compile a list of "demands" or "proposals". First off, get them to present suggestions for society in general. I got these, some of which have to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt-all in good fun:

  • More jobs
  • Monthly minimum payment to young people
  • Less pollution
  • Safer streets
  • Less cars on the streets
  • Less politicians
  • More money for education
  • Less students per class
  • Late opening for bars
  • Less football on TV
  • Less soap operas on TV
  • Less ads on TV
  • Less gossip programmes on TV
  • More films on TV
  • More taxes for the rich

Activity B

Someone should counter each suggestion, with a sentence like:

  • Yes, but ...

For example, to "Less taxes", I got:

  • "Yes, but taxes are used, for example, to build and repair roads."

To "More taxes for the rich", I got:

  • "And who will create jobs?"

Get students to use their imaginations. Everyone has to participate, no matter how humble their proposal.

You could also sound out the students on their proposals for English classes, night life, TV, parents and so on.