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How to become a TOEIC winner


TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is one of the most widely used international tests of English skills. TOEIC is becoming more popular in corporations and universities in Vietnam.


This video book consists of appropriate methods of learning and TOEIC test-taking skills. Each strategy of mastering the test will be clearly explained and illustrated in every 10-minute video instruction.

The purpose of this video instruction series is to go beyond dry test-taking formula to help learners achieve useful study skills, not only for TOEIC but also for English learning as a whole. Step-by-step instructions are provided to help learners overcome popular difficulties in learning English.

The video book consists of 9 chapters:

·        Open Chapter: Getting Ready for the TOEIC Test

·        Chapter 1: Photos

·        Chapter 2: Questions – Responses

·        Chapter 3: Conversations

·        Chapter 4: Talks

·        Chapter 5: Incomplete Sentences

·        Chapter 6: Text Completion

·        Chapter 7: Reading Comprehension

·        Close Chapter: Winning with the TOEIC Test