Episode 25. How many prawns?

1. Shopping | 2. Some & Any | 3. How Much & How Many | 4. A Few, Many & A Dozen

ANNE goes shopping at the Market.
ANNE waits at the counter of the fish shop.


ATTENDANT Who’s next please?

ANNE Could I have some prawns please?

ATTENDANT Fresh, frozen or cooked?

ANNE Frozen please.

ATTENDANT How much do you need?

ANNE About five hundred grams please.
He weighs and wraps the prawns.

ATTENDANT That’ll be ten dollars thankyou.

ANNE Thankyou

ATTENDANT 2 Can I help you?

ANNE Some of these leeks.

ATTENDANT 2 How many love?

ANNE Three.

ATTENDANT 2 Something else?

ANNE Some ginger.

ATTENDANT 2 Right there love.

ANNE Oh, right. Just this piece please.


ANNE Do you have any bean sprouts?

ATTENDANT 2 Yes we do. How much would you like?

ANNE About a hundred grams.

ATTENDANT 2 Will that be all?

ANNE Yes thanks.

ATTENDANT 2 That’ll be four dollars thanks.

ANNE Thankyou.
Through the crowd Anne sees a young man who looks familiar. Could it be David, her long-lost brother?