Episode 26. I thought I saw him

1. Chance Encounters | 2. I Thought… | 3. More Suggestions | 4. Places With At & In | 5. Prepositons Of Place

ANNE meets STEVE unexpectedly.

ANNE is trying to keep sight of the young man as she finishes buying her groceries. The young man turns away and she starts after him, but it is too hard to get through the crowd. She bumps into someone.

ANNE Sorry.

ANNE Steve!

STEVE Fancy running into you here! Where are you off to in such a hurry?

ANNE Oh, Nowhere… I, I thought I saw someone I know.

STEVE Oh. Where?

ANNE Oh, it’s okay. He’s gone now. I must’ve made a mistake.

STEVE You got time for a coffee?

ANNE Yeah,okay


STEVE How about here?

ANNE Fine.

STEVE So what are you doing at the market?

ANNE I’m cooking at your house on Friday, remember?

STEVE Of course, Friday. That’ll be great.

ANNE What about you? Do you come here often?
STEVE laughs

ANNE What’s funny?

STEVE When someone says, “Do you come here often”, it’s what we call a pick-up line. You know when someone’s trying…

ANNE I know what a pick-up line is.

STEVE Sorry. I come here every week to buy fruit. I like fresh fruit for work. What are we having for dinner?

ANNE You’ll find out on Friday.

WAITER What would you like?

STEVE Cappuccino.


STEVE And a tea please

WAITER Tea. No worries.

STEVE Do you want me to take your shopping home? I can put it in the fridge for you.

ANNE No, that’s okay, I have a fridge in my room at the hotel.

ANNE The person you saw. Who did you think it was?

ANNE It’s a long story. Maybe I’ll tell you later.

STEVE On Friday.

ANNE Maybe