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Episode 27. It's made of gold

1. Possibilities | 2. Possibility In The Past | 3. Talking About Materials

ANNE sees JOHN and describes her brother’s possessions.
ANNE is sitting in JOHN’s office. 


ANNE I thought I saw David at the market. But I didn’t get a very good look and I lost him in the crowd.

JOHN When was this?

ANNE Just yesterday.

JOHN How long since you’ve seen him?

ANNE Nearly two years.

JOHN Are you sure you’d recognise him now?

ANNE Of course! He’s my brother.

JOHN It’s just, I’m thinking he might have changed his appearance – if he didn’t want to be found.

ANNE Mr Barbour, I would recognise my brother. Believe me.

JOHN Of course. I’m sorry. Maybe you did see him at the market. It’s just you’ve been thinking about him a lot. The mind plays tricks, you know.

ANNE I suppose so. Maybe it wasn’t him. I don’t know.

JOHN Is there anything that would positively identify him? Jewellery, a scar, anything?

ANNE His watch. My father gave it to him. He always wears it.

JOHN Can you describe it?

ANNE It’s an old fashioned watch. An Omega. It was our grandfather’s

JOHN What’s the band made of?

ANNE Silver. And the watch has an inscription. It says ‘To my son Norman’

JOHN Norman?

ANNE That’s our father’s name. Grandfather gave it to him.

JOHN Aha! (writes) Norman.

ANNE In Chinese.

JOHN In Chinese.

ANNE He might have a neckband. I gave it to him as a going-away present.

JOHN What’s it like?

ANNE It’s made of tortoise-shell. It’s a disc with a design, like this.
She draws a ‘yin-yang’ design on a piece of paper.

JOHN Ah, Yin Yang.

ANNE That’s right. You know it. The band is made of leather. He said he’d always wear it.

JOHN Yes, well it’s not much, but it’s something I suppose. I’ll call you next week with some news.

ANNE I hope so.