Episode 28. You should relax

1. Seeing The Doctor | 2. Present Perfect Continuous Tense | 3. Preference

ANNE goes to the doctor.
ANNE enters the waiting room and approaches the RECEPTIONIST.


ANNE Excuse me. I have an appointment to see Doctor Chang at 2.30.

RECEPTIONIST And your name?

ANNE Lee. Anne Lee.

RECEPTIONIST Ms Lee. Yes, please take a seat. Doctor will see you soon.

ANNE Thankyou.
She takes a seat and leafs through magazines.

RECEPTIONIST Ms Lee? Doctor will see you now.

ANNE Thankyou.
ANNE enters the surgery.

DOCTOR CHANG So Ms Lee. How can I help you?

ANNE I’ve been getting some very bad headaches lately. And I feel tense.

DOCTOR CHANG When do you get them?

ANNE Usually at night, but sometimes in the morning too.

DOCTOR CHANG And have you been taking anything for them?


DOCTOR CHANG You look tense. Are you working too hard?

ANNE Not really. I’m over here from Singapore buying wine.

DOCTOR CHANG But something’s worrying you. Am I right?

ANNE Yes, I’m worried about my brother. He’s been missing for two years.

DOCTOR CHANG No wonder you’ve been getting headaches. Just let me give you a check up to make sure it’s nothing else.

DOCTOR CHANG Your blood pressure is a little high, but your heart is fine. I’m sure it’s the
worry about your brother that’s causing the headaches.

ANNE What can I do?

DOCTOR CHANG Try to relax and get some rest. Do you prefer Western or Chinese medicine?

ANNE I prefer Chinese medicine.

DOCTOR CHANG Here are some tablets. Take two, three times a day. And try not to worry about your brother. I’m sure you’ll find him soon.

ANNE Thankyou. I hope so.