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Episode 30. First, fry the prawns

1. Instructions/ Explaining What To Do | 2. Passive Voice | 3. Recipes

ANNE cooks a meal.


SARAH What are we having?

ANNE Singapore noodles with prawns. It’s a very famous dish. You can buy it at street stalls everywhere. I hope you like it.

SARAH I’m sure we will. So, what do we do first?

ANNE First we have to peel the prawns.

SARAH Okay. I’ll do that. Now what?

ANNE Now we’ll fry the prawns. The oil must be very hot. It doesn’t take very long. While I’m doing that, you can chop the leeks. Chop them very fine.
She fries the prawns, while SARAH chops the leeks.

SARAH Like this?

ANNE Yes. Sort of…
LATER… She has taken the prawns out of the wok…

SARAH Now what?

ANNE Next we add the spices, and some ginger, and the leeks.

SARAH Okay, and now?

ANNE Now the leeks are soft, we put in some bean sprouts, and then the prawns, and the noodles.

SARAH All in together? Is that all?

ANNE Almost. Lastly we add some of this special sauce. I didn’t think I’d be able to find this here. Your market’s very good. That’s it. We’re almost ready. I hope your family’s hungry.