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Episode 31. See You Again

1. Thank you For... | 2. Future Continuous | 3. Airport Terms | 4. Goodbye

ANNE, DAVID and his family fly home.


ANNE Well, I guess this is it. Sarah, thankyou so much for all your help, and for your kindness.

SARAH Please don’t mention it. And thankyou for trusting me to be your business partner.

ANNE And my friend. I’ll be thinking of you all the time.

DAVID I want to thank you too Sarah, for being so kind to my sister and looking after her so well. I’ll be thinking of you too.

SARAH Thankyou. It was great to meet you. And you too Rose. I hope everything goes well in Singapore.

ROSE I’m looking forward to meeting David’s parents. I hope they like me.

SARAH I’m sure they will. I’ll be expecting a postcard from you Anne, so you’d better send me one.

STEVE And I’ll be waiting for a postcard too.

ANNE I’ll be counting the days until you come to Singapore.

ANNOUNCEMENT Attention please! This is the final call for Singapore Airlines flight SQ452 direct to Singapore. Could all passengers for this flight go immediately to gate lounge 3.

ANNE Goodbye. See you soon.

SARAH Goodbye.

STEVE I’ll see you soon.

SARAH Goodbye ROSE. Good luck. And you too David.

SARAH / DAVID /SARAH Bye. Seeya. Bye.

JOHN Wait! I’ve found him. I’ve found your brother!

STEVE What. Another one?