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Episode 32. He says he knows my brother

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DAVID tells ANNE what he knows.
STEVE is looking at the photo.


STEVE This is your brother?


STEVE I know this man!

ANNE You know him!

STEVE I’m sure it’s him. This is the man who works at the stall where I buy fruit.

ANNE I knew it! I knew it was him! We must go there now!

STEVE Hold on! Hold on! It’s ten o’clock at night. The Market’s closed. Let me have another look. How long since you’ve seen him?

ANNE Two years.

STEVE It’s him. I’m sure it’s him.
SARAH comes into the room.

SARAH What’s going on?

ANNE Steve says he knows my brother.


STEVE Well I think so…

ANNE He says David’s working at the Market.

STEVE That’s right.

ANNE My brother sells fruit for a living!

SARAH Steve, are you sure?

STEVE Yes. ANNE thinks she saw him.

SARAH Well the Market’s are open tomorrow. Let’s find out.

ANNE I can’t believe it. David, working at the Market.