Conversations in restaurants- giao tiếp trong nhà hàng

If you think ESL restaurant conversations are dry or contrived, think again. One of the simplest and most helpful things ESL students can do to improve their English is to anticipate what other people might say to them and think about how they will respond.

Moving into the restaurant

Right, shall we go into the restaurant now?
Right, let’s go into the restaurant now, shall we?
Yes, let’s.



What would you like as a starter ?
What would you like as a main course?
What would you like as a desert?

Would you like meat or fish?
Would you like to try one of our specialties?
What would you recommend?
I’d recommend the fish. It’s usually excellent here.
And what would you like to drink?

® Eating

How is your soup / salad / meat / fish?
It’s delicious.
I’m afraid it’s cold.
I’m afraid it’s too salty.
I’m afraid it’s over-cooked.
Can I order / get you something else ?
Would you like another glass of wine?
Would you like some more wine ?
Yes, please.
No, thanks.

¯ Preparing to leave

Well, I really must make a move.
Well, I really must get back to my hotel.
I’m afraid I’ll have to leave now.
I’m sorry to break up the party, but I have to make a very start early tomorrow morning.
Do you think you could order a taxi for me?
° Thanking

I’d like to thank you for a most enjoyable evening. It’s been a pleasure.


break up tan, rời (tiệc)

desert món tráng miệng

main course món chính

order gọi (món ăn)

over-cooked quá chín

recommend đề nghị, giới thiệu

salty mặn

speciality đặc sản

starter món khai vị