Ways of Showing Anger

Expressions like the following express annoyance:

What a nuisance!
That’s typical!
That’s just what I needed!
Good grief!
If we are in a bad mood, we sometimes get sarcastic and say things like this:
That’s charming, that is! That’s wonderful!
That’s absolutely great!
It was very nice of him to …

When we are more angry, we sometimes use swear words like these:

Bloody Hell!

More obscene expressions should be avoided because they may offend a lot of people. And if we are absolutely furious we are more likely to lose our tempers completely and say:

I’ve just about had enough of …
What a stupid bloody idiot!
Why the hell don’t they …
It makes me sick the way they …
It makes my blood boil when this sort of thing happens!
absolutely hết sức, tuyệt đối

anger sự giận dữ

annoyance sự bực mình

blood máu

boil sôi

charming hấp dẫn

completely hoàn toàn

degree mức độ

furious giận dữ

grief nỗi đau buồn, tai họa

idiot đồ ngốc

keep one’s temper giữ bình tĩnh

lose one’s temper mất bình tĩnh

mood trạng thái

nuisance sự phiền toái

obscene tục tĩu

offend xúc phạm

sarcastic mỉa mai

sort loại

swear word lời, từ chửi thề
It isn’t always easy for us to keep our tempers when things go wrong. There are different degrees of anger and different ways of showing it.