Ways of Using Forms of Address- Cách xưng hô

In general, Americans don’t use special forms of address (or titles) as often as people in other countries. However, there are times when special forms of address are used. The following special forms of address are used before a person’s last name.
Dr. (Doctor): medical doctors (those with an M.D degree), professors, scientists and researchers (those who have a Ph.D.)
Mrs. (pronounced “Missus”): married women only (some married women prefer Ms.)

Miss: unmarried women only (some unmarried women prefer “Ms”)

Ms. (pronounced “Miz”): married or unmarried women (some married women prefer Mrs.)

Mr. (pronounced “Mister”): married or unmarried men

Professor: college or university teachers (used with or without the last name)

Note: “Teacher” as a form of address is only used by children.
address sự xưng hô

degree bằng cấp

form hình thức

following sau

in general nói chung

last name họ (tên)

M.D = Doctor of Medicine bác sĩ y khoa

Ph.D = Doctor of Philosophy tiến sĩ

prefer thích hơn

professor giáo sư

pronounce phát âm

researcher nhà nghiên cứu

scientist nhà khoa học

title tước hiệu

unmarried chưa có gia đình