English for Medical Purposes - Feeling Queasy

Feeling Queasy

Nurse:Good morning, Mr Adams. How are you doing today?
Patient:Horrible! I can't eat anything! I just feel sick to my stomach. Take the tray away.

Nurse:That's too bad. I'll just put this over here for now. Have you felt queasy for very long?
Patient:I woke up during the middle of the night. I couldn't get back to sleep, and now I feel terrible.

Nurse:Have you been to the toilet? Any diarrhea or vomiting?
Patient:I've been to the toilet twice, but no diarrhea or vomiting. Perhaps, I should drink something. Can I have a cup of tea?

Nurse:Certainly, I'll get you a cup immediately. Would you like black tea or peppermint tea?
Patient:Peppermint, please. Do you think I could have another blanket? I'm so cold. I think I'm getting the chills.

Nurse:Here's an extra blanket. Let me tuck you in.
Patient:You're so sweet. What is your name?

Nurse:My name is Alice. I'll be on shift during the day for the next few days.
Patient:Hello Alice. My name is Jack. Nice to meet you.

Nurse:Let's get you feeling better Jack! Is there anything else I can get for you?
Patient:That's alright. I think a cup of tea and a warm blanket should help.

Nurse:OK. I'll be back as soon as the tea is ready.
Patient:Thank you.

Key Vocabulary

to feel queasy
to feel sick to one's stomach
to wake up
to feel terrible, awful, horrible
to get (go) back to sleep
to be to the toilet
black tea, peppermint tea
to get the chills
to tuck someone in

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By Kenneth Beare, About.com Guide