English for Medical Purposes - Patient Details

Getting Patient Details

Administrative Staff: Hello, how can I help you?
Patient: I've got an appointment with Dr. Adams.

Administrative Staff: Are you Ms Moyers? 
Patient: Yes, I am. I have an appointment at ten.

Administrative Staff: We just need to fill in some information for our files. Could you fill out these forms? 
Patient: Certainly ... (comes back after filling out the forms) What's this form for?

Administrative Staff: It's just a privacy form informing you of our policies.
Patient: Is that really necessary?

Administrative Staff: I'm afraid it is. Could you also sign that form? 
Patient: OK, there you go. Here's my insurance provider's card.

Administrative Staff: Thank you. OK, that'll be $20.
Patient: Why do I have to pay $20?

Administrative Staff: It's the deductible for office visits required by your health care provider.
Patient: ... but I'm insured aren't I?

Administrative Staff: Yes, of course. Your health care provider asks for deductibles on office visits.
Patient: Every time I turn around I've got some additional fee to pay. I don't know why I pay for insurance!

Administrative Staff: I know it's frustrating. We also have a lot of paperwork. Every provider has different forms and requirements!
Patient: This can't continue on like this!

Administrative Staff: I agree with that!

Key Vocabulary

appointment to fill in forms files form privacy policies to sign a form insurance provider insurance provider's card deductible office visit health care provider to be insured additional fee frustrating paperwork

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By Kenneth Beare, About.com Guide