English for Medical Purposes - Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Patient: Good morning. Doctor Smith?
Doctor: Yes, please come in.

Patient: Thank you. My name is Doug Smith.
Doctor: What have you come in for today Ms Anders?

Patient: I've been having some pain in my joints, especially the knees.
Doctor: How long have you been having the pain?

Patient: I'd say it started three or four months ago. It's been getting worse recently.
Doctor: Are you having any other problems like weakness, fatigue or headaches?

Patient: Well I've certainly felt under the weather.
Doctor: Right. How much physical activity do you get? Do you play any sports?

Patient: Some. I like to play tennis about once a week. I take my dog on a walk every morning.
Doctor: OK. Let's have a look. Can you point to the area where you are having pain?

Key Vocabulary

joint pain
to feel under the weather
physical activity
to play sports
to have pain

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By Kenneth Beare, About.com Guide