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Dialogue and Multiple Choice Questions: Cleaning Staff

Cleaning Staff

Maria knocks quietly on the door in response to Ms Anderson's request. She offers help and provides some information about the services offered on board.

Read the following passage and answer the questions.

Maria: (knocks on the room door) May I come in, madam?
Ms Anderson: Yes, thanks for coming so quickly.

Maria: Certainly, madam. How can I help you?
Ms Anderson: I'd like some fresh towels in the suite when I get back this evening.

Maria: I'll get them immediately. Would you like me to also change the bed sheets?
Ms Anderson: Yes, that would be nice. Could you also turn down the covers?

Maria: Is there anything else I can do for you? Perhaps you have some laundry I can take to be cleaned.
Ms Anderson: Now that you mention it, I do have some clothes in the laundry bag.

Maria: Very good, madam. I'll have them cleaned and folded when you return.
Ms Anderson: Excellent. You know, it gets stuffy in this room.

Maria: I'd be happy to open the window while you are away. I'll make sure to close it before you return.
Ms Anderson: … oh, I can never find the light switch when I get back in the evening.

Maria: I'll make sure to leave the lamp on the bedstand on after I finish cleaning up.
Ms Anderson: Are you going to vacuum?

Maria: Certainly, madam. We vacuum our rooms every day.
Ms Anderson: That's good to hear. Well, it's time for me to see my friends. Today we're visiting a vineyard.

Maria: Enjoy your day, madam.
Ms Anderson: Oh, I will… Just a second, could you also take out the trolley with this morning's breakfast?

Maria: Yes, madam I'll take it with me when I've finished tidying up.

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By Kenneth Beare, Guide