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Globalcall Communications Wireless Service Solutions

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Globalcall Communications Wireless Service Solutions

Our coast to coast wireless services will keep you in touch - not just in the greater Seattle metropolitan area, but throughout North American with the North American Wireless Webwork. Employing state-of-the-art Bluetooth interconectivity, this wireless web ensures that you'll have access to a powerful network that allows you dedicated access to the Internet through your mobile phone accessing more than 3,000 local wireless providers across the continent.

The Benefits

As many mobile professionals know, accessing the wide variety of Internet providers across the country can cause many a headache. If you are a power Internet professional, you will appreciate our service that has united the often confusing web of local Internet connections into one easy-to-use package. Our low rate plans include the ability to choose your own extended area for the application of special low rates provided by this package. Or you can choose our flat-rate continental plan which includes always-on connection coverage in 42 of the continental United States.


By Kenneth Beare, Guide