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Globalcall Communications Solutions Manufacturing

Read this selection focusing on a telecommunications company. Take the true or false quiz following the reading selection. The answers to the quiz are on the next page.

Reading Comprehension - Globalcall Communications Solutions Manufacturing

New services and production capabilities are constantly being added to the company's growing international group. Projections for the telecommunications industry are excellent. By the end of 2005, optic fibre will have been installed in all major cities around the world. Third generation mobile phones will have become capable of videoconferencing. Consumer demand will have grown by an astounding 700%. Globalcall Communications will certainly be a large player in all of these developments. To that end, management will be considering a number of future production capabilities at next week's quarterly conference. Operating efficiency will be a prime consideration, as well as the effort to incorporate the latest technology to ensure economy of operation. Top management will also be looking at acquiring a number of production plants in Asia. Company leaders feel that current production capability will have been exceeded by the end of 2003. The most likely candidates are some Taiwan plants that have some the most sophisticated telecommunication production machinery in the world.


By Kenneth Beare, Guide