A Possible Promotion

Mr. Henri: …I'd like to talk some more about your current job.
Ms Peters: Fine. What would you like to know?

Mr. Henri: You have worked for the Wildlife Fund for three years, haven't you?
Ms Peters: That's right. I began working at the Wildlife Fund three years ago.

Mr. Henri: How many positions have you had since you began there?
Ms Peters: I've had three different positions. The most recent is as an assistant researcher. I've been an assistant researcher since January.

Mr. Henri: You worked as a copy writer before moving onto that position, didn't you?
Ms Peters: Yes, I did. I was responsible for first drafts of background information.

Mr. Henri: Great. How long have you wanted to become an editor?
Ms Peters: I graduated from Brown in journalism and have dedicated my career to becoming an editor since then.

Mr. Henri: You live here in Seattle, don't you?
Ms Peters: Actually, I don't. I currently live in Portland.

Mr. Henri: How long have you lived there?
Ms Peters: I've lived in Portland since 1997.

Mr. Henri: You enjoy living in the Northwest, don't you?
Ms Peters: Yes I do. I've lived here my entire life.

Mr. Henri: Right, this job would include a lot of travel. How do you feel about that?
Ms Peters: Oh, I'd love to travel more for my job. I've travelled for work since I began my last job and I really enjoy it.

Mr. Henri: Great. I imagine you can use a computer, can't you?
Ms Peters: Yes, I can. I've used a computer for a number of years.

Mr. Henri: Well, thank you very much for coming into today. We'll let you know by the beginning of next week.
Ms Peters: Thank you Mr. Henri. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you in the future.