Practicing a Presentation

Mike: Anne, can I run the new presentation by you?
Anne: Certainly, I'd love to hear some of the new concepts.

Mike: OK, here goes ... On behalf of myself and Sport Outfitters, I'd like to welcome you. My name's Mike Andersen. This morning, I'd like to outline our new campaign concepts that have been recently developed.
Anne: Excuse me, who was invited to this conference?

Mike: Our sales representatives from our branch offices were asked to come. I think a number of upper-management representatives were also invited.
Anne: That's good. Our marketing approach is going to be completely revamped.

Mike: And that's why we need everyone to be informed. So, I'll continue. You'll be given the background and I'll talk you through the results of some of our recent market studies.
Anne: How many surveys were completed?

Mike: I think about 100,000 were returned to the company. Our marketing team was very pleased with the response.
Anne: OK, continue...

Mike: The presentation has been divided into three parts. First, our past approach. Secondly, present changes that will be made. Thirdly, future forecasts ...
Anne: That sounds good.

Mike: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. At the end of this presentation, a short advertisement will be shown to give you an idea of where we are going.
Anne: Good job Mike. I hope your graphics are being put together by Bob.

Mike: Of course they are, you know he's the best!