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Sales Department Colleagues - Reading and Dialogue

Anne: You must be George. Let me introduce myself, I'm Anne.
George: Pleased to meet you Anne. I hear we're going to be spending a lot of time together.

Anne: Yes, that's right - we have to get the southwest regional sales department into shape. I've been working in the northwest regional sales department up till now.
George: I'd been working on Asian sales before I was transferred here last week.

Anne: Well, it's a pleasure to have you on board. I know we've both been with the company for a long time.
George: Yes, I've been involved with Sport Outfitters for over ten years. How about you?

Anne: I've been here for about five years now.
George: I'm looking forward to working with you. What were you responsible for in the northwest regional sales department?

Anne: I was in charge of new market research. I also spent a lot of time traveling to our various outlets.
George: Your experience will serve us well as we develop new angles.

Anne: I think we'll be able to solve most of our problems by concentrating on improved communications and co-operation between our various representatives.
George: What do you think has caused the sudden decline in sales?

Anne: To tell you the truth, I'm concerned about market saturation.
George: I agree. Well, why don't we meet later this afternoon to discuss the situation in-depth.

Anne: That sounds great. How about meeting at three?
George: Can we make that three thirty?

Anne: Fine, I'll see you then.