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Business English - Hardware Deductions

Hardware Deductions

Mr. Sanders: Mark can we talk for a moment?
Mark: Sure, Mr. Sanders. What would you like to discuss?

Mr. Sanders: I'd like to look into the Johnson account for a moment.
Mark: I did the bookkeeping yesterday and updated the balance sheet.

Mr. Sanders: Yes, I don't understand some of these deductions.
Mark: Do you mean the amortization costs?

Mr. Sanders: You deducted $35,000 for depreciation of hardware.
Mark: That's based on their accounting criteria. I got the amount from their bookkeeper.

Mr. Sanders: It seems too much to me.
Mark: Remember that computer equipment tends to depreciate faster than office furniture.

Mr. Sanders: I guess so. I'll take your word for it. Did they approve the balance?
Mark: Yes, it was OKed yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Sanders: The net growth looks fantastic this year.
Mark: It sure does! The bottom-line grew by 17%.

Key Vocabulary

to discuss
to look into something
to update
balance sheet
computer equipment
office furniture
to take someone's word for something
to ok something
net growth

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By Kenneth Beare, Guide