Business English - Discussing Ideas at a Meeting

Discussing Ideas at a Meeting

Chairman: I'd like to open today's meeting. Robert?
Robert: First, I'll quickly go over the main points of the last meeting.

Chairman: …. (finishes) , if no one has anything to add, let's move on to today's agenda.
Robert: I suggest we each give a little background on the suggestions we discussed last week.

Chairman: Could you repeat that, please?
Robert: Let's start by going over the research you've done on the suggestions.

Chairman: You'll find most of the information outlined in the summary documents in front of you.
Robert: These figures are interesting. It's clear to me that customer communications are not working as they should.

Chairman: Yes, our marketing efforts really haven't been effective to date.
Robert: I suggest we break up into groups and discuss how we can improve our message.

Chairman: Unfortunately, we're almost out of time. I suggest you submit your ideas on marketing and we can discuss the best next week.
Robert: Before we close, could we quickly discuss the Armstrong situation?

Key Vocabulary

to open a meeting
to go over
main points
to add something to a discussion
to move on
to give some background
summary documents
marketing efforts
to date
to break up into groups
out of time
to close a meeting

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By Kenneth Beare, Guide