Improving Brand Image

Susan: George, I was wondering if we could discuss our new marketing strategy for a moment.
George: Certainly Susan. You know that I'm working with Anne on changing our image, don't you?

Susan: Yes, I think you'll make an excellent team. How do you feel about the merchandise we're pushing?
George: In my opinion, the products were offering are fine. However, I think we should concentrate on expanding our market share in the young adult market.

Susan: I totally agree. Who buys more products than twenty somethings?
George: Exactly. We haven't been very successful in our branding efforts, have we?

Susan: I'm not keen on changing our target audience, but we certainly have to improve our brand image.
George: If we want to edge out our main competitor, we're going to have to target customers at a younger age.

Susan: Maybe, but we also have to keep our competitive edge in quality.
George: Why don't we all get together for a discussion?

Susan: Can you let me know when your next meeting with Anne is going to be? I'd like to go over some of our restructuring ideas with both of you.
George: As a matter of fact, we'll be meeting this afternoon. Let's meet at four, shall we?

Susan: I'm afraid I already have an appointment then. Do you think we could meet earlier?
George: Well, I'll have to check with Anne.