Product Presentation

Today I'd like to present our new convertible the 'Open Sky'. We are extremely proud to present this product to you. The 'Open Sky' has been developed by a team of aerodynamic experts over the past three years. It has been tested and driven for more than 200,000 hours on the open road.

Before we begin, I'd like to briefly talk about our company's history with the convertible. The convertible was introduced in 1922 and was an immediate success in Southern Europe. In 1956 our first convertible, named 'Sole', was manufactured. Another great success, was in 1972 when the 'Vento' was manufactured. The 'Vento' was sold for a record 15 years! Then in 1986 the 'Roadster' was introduced and was a great success.

As you can see, we have had over 45 years of experience building extremely popular convertibles. The 'Open Sky' represents our most advanced design to date. More than 20,000 'Open Sky' cars have been ordered in the first three months. The 'Open Sky' has been designed with young people in mind. The 'Open Sky' has also been designed for safety. Four-Wheel Drive, ABS and airbags are standard on all models. GPS has also been included on the deluxe model for navigation assistance.

The perfect combination of elegance and safety, the 'Open Sky' will certainly be our most popular convertible to date!