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Science and Technology


  • What do you think are the three most important or interesting inventions since 1850? How about since 1950?
  • Do you think pets should be cloned? Why or why not?
  • Do you think people should be allowed to clone people or organs of people? Why?
  • What do you think about GMO (genetically modified organisms) vegetables? Is it better to use natural food although it might not produce as much or should we use GMO crops?
  • What do you think about GMO farm animals? Would you eat pork from a GMO pig?
  1. Do you think couples should be allowed to choose the sex or other characteristics of their baby like eye color? Why or why not?
  2. Are you willing to pay more for food that is really organic? How much more?
  3. What do you think robots should be used for?
  4. Do you think robots will cause unemployment (loss of jobs) in the future or make more work? Why?
  5. Do you think using cell phones too much is bad for our physical or mental health? Why?
  6. If you could copy your brain for future generations, would you?
  7. How do you think face to face communication differs from communication using computers?
  8. What changes have social changes have cell phones made?
  9. What are good and bad points of using computers?
  10. Do you think to stop global warming that the amount of car driving should be limited or changed? For example, should there be some kind of encouragement to use public transportation or to do car pooling?
  11. What are some local ways you have seen to reduce waste and pollution or conserve energy?
  12. In your life time what changes have you seen in your environment for better or worse?
  13. Do you think modern technology reduces or increases stress? Why?
  14. Do you think money should be spent to explore space or is it better spent helping people on earth? Why?
  15. What is your opinion about children playing violent videogames or computer programs?
  16. Should anything be allowed to be posted on the Internet or should certain things be restricted like child pornography, grossly violent real scenes and suicide or hate encouragements?
  17. What do you think should be done to people who spread viruses, start hoaxes or create SPAM on the Internet?
  18. How often do you buy things via the Internet? Why do you buy this often or not buy online?
  19. Do you worry about identity theft or credit card number theft when buying things on the Internet or do you avoid buying things online because of this concern?
  20. Have you used a chat site? Have you ever used voice chat? What do you think about it?
  21. Have you used the Internet to learn English or read or talk in English? What are the pros and cons (good and bad points) about improving your English by Internet rather than with a teacher?